Spray Line Operator

Company Name:
Pro Resources
Spray Line Operator Wanted!
$8.00-8.35 depending on shift
Attendance bonus offered!
-Loading Parts
-Exhibit safe, proper techniques for loading and unloading parts
-Understand the safe,proper movement of the parts through the process
-Visually inspect the parts to ensure that are properly prepared for the coating operation
-Quality Inspection of Parts
-Understand customer written and visual standards
-Report Defects in products to the Supervisor
-Record inspection results as required
-Set-up, Production, and Shutdown of the spray line
-Report an abnormal of operation to the supervisor
-Change fixtures,pins, and assume all duties in part set-up at the sprayline
-Assist in training new operators
-Knowledge of Company Programs and Policies
-Report any accident or injury to the supervisor
-Follow established safety practices
-Follow established clean-up practices
Job Requirements
Must be able to work 3rd shift
Must be able to left up to 50 lbs
Must be able to pass a drug test
Must have a clean criminal background
High School diploma/GED preferred not required
Call us at 260-624-2225 and apply online at proresources.com

Don't Be Fooled

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